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2 Cours du Champ de Mars, 44923 NANTES

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Public lighting

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This project validated the applicability of the service provided for public electric lighting through the Linky communicating meter in urban areas.


Every day, the meters measure the consumption curve and transmit energy data securely. An algorithm allows for rapid detection of any interruptions, for faster responsiveness. 


The law on energy transition added the mission of counting and processing the data combined with the production of a warning system.

A first level of service is provided through the processing of daily data collected by the Linky system.

A second level of service can be developed by processing the consumption curves to cope with specific demands, beyond the core service developed by Enedis. 


Added value of the project

  • Collection and analysis of Linky data on D+1. 
  • Energy monitoring (efficiency, fraud) and monitoring the operations of an active fleet with similar uses. 
  • BtoB service with the input of the end clients in its design and optimisation. 
  • Reliable and replicable solution. 


Start date : March 2017.





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