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St Joachim Power Storage

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Chaussée de Bais, 44720 SAINT-JOACHIM

Domaines d'application

Photovoltaic self-consumption 

Hydrogen storage 

Autoconsommation & bâtiments intelligents
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For the construction of a parish hall in Saint-Joachim, an aerovoltaic station of 103 kVa was created on the roof to produce the building’s electricity and to trap heat under its panels.


This installation goes hand in hand with the construction of a 8000m2 solar panel covered car park. The energy produced by this building covers its current energy requirements and those of another 10 public buildings within a one-kilometre radius. 


The town is also testing:  

 A self-consumption solution within a one-kilometre radius for several public buildings. 

 A solution for storing and transferring the energy produced in the summer for use in the winter. 

Added value of the project: 

  • Storage of power in the summer for use in the winter.
  • An innovative storage solution for optimising self-consumption and self-production.

 Start date:  January 2020.

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