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The Town of La Génétouze

Project sponsor


La Génétouze (85190)

Launch date

Fields of application

  • Self-consumption
  • PV solar
  • Electric mobility

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The Town of La Génétouze (85) is implementing a project for a collaborative self-consumption PV solar plant in the municipal shopping hub, in the town centre.

This project, supplying solar powered electricity to local shops, is relatively ground-breaking for a rural town. 

The power plant will supply the minimarket, bakery, hair dresser, florist and beauty salon with locally produced solar energy, reducing their electricity bills (network mix + solar). The estimated solar cover rate is 23% and 90% of the energy produced will be used by the hub’s retailers. Only 10% of production will be introduced into the network. The energy production is therefore scalable with a capacity to supply new consumers. There is also a plan to install electric vehicle charging stations on the site.

This pilot project, accompanied by the System Off Grid design office in partnership with SYDEV, shows the desire of the town council to develop the infrastructure available to the local trades people by associating renewable energies.

The medium-term objective is to replicate the project on similar sites, through the standardisation of tools to help with decision making and monitoring operations.



Added value of the project:


  • An innovative self-consumption project associating a town and its local shops
  • A model which can be replicable to other towns
  • The development of digital tools for monitoring energy and finances, specific to collaborative self-consumption (from a producer and consumer view point)


This project has multiple goals:


  1. Produce and consume an energy that is both renewable and local
  2. Provide businesses with competitively priced solar energy with stability over time
  3. Gather feedback on a collaborative self-consumption project in a rural context and with local shops

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