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To federate the stakeholders of the SMILE project, a SMILE Smartgrids association was created on December 7, 2016 at the time of the founding General Assembly, presided over by the founding members: the Brittany and Pays de la Loire regions. Composed of a board of Directors who meet for general assembly meetings, on a daily basis it is run by two regional coordinators.

1Board of Directors


The SMILE board of directors is presided over by André Crocq, regional councillor for Brittany in charge of energy and by Laurent Gérault, vice-president of the Regional council for Pays de la Loire, in charge of energy transition and sustainable growth.


The missions of the SMILE board of directors are to : 


  • determine the strategic orientations of the SMILE project and the plan of actions;
  • give their opinion on the integration of projects to be supported in the SMILE context;
  • approve SMILE projects, according to the recommendations of the expert panels;
  • monitor SMILE’s progress and results.


Composition :


Administrators :


Representatives of various associations :


Observer members : Ville de Saint-Malo, Schneider Electric, GRTgaz, EDF, Engie, Epex Spot and GRDF.



A two-headed coordination


The SMILE project is hosted within the two regional economic development agencies.


The mission of this team : identify projects proposed by private companies and local and regional authorities, coordinate and drive the SMILE partners within the association. 


The 2 coordinators report to their specific regional development agencies :



6representative associations


Represented on the Board of directors, these 6 associations bring together all of the party stakeholders :


  • Local and regional authorities
  • Large companies 
  • Small and medium businesses
  • Research and training organisations
  • Economic facilitators and structures supporting export
  • Financial establishment

4 Experts panels


4 Expert panels have been set up, they bring together the partners of the SMILE process to advise on the structuring of new projects around different themes : scientific and technical expertise, funding, regional roots and citizen involvement, exposure and structuring of the smart grids sector.


  • Expert panel “Scientific and technical”, led by the Pôle Images et Réseaux and S2E2.
  • Expert panel “Territories / populations”, led by ALOEN, ALEC and the Pays de la Loire Region.
  • Expert panel “Funders”, led by the Caisse des Dépôts.
  • Expert panel “Sector and exposure”, led by BDI and the Pays de la Loire Regional development agency.


Download the association regulation


Download the association statutes