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Our method

Private entrepreneur or local authority, large company or town community, start-up or village, do you have a project or an initiative which could be developed under the SMILE label? Would you like to see how your idea fits in with the association’s selection and deployment criteria? It’s easy : SMILE is an association that welcomes and encourages all project initiators and is funded by the Brittany and Pays de la LoireRegions.Through the measures implemented in these two regions, you can take your first steps in the SMILE universe safely and with confidence. Follow the guide…


Offer schema


SMILE's expectations

Does your meet the SMILE criteria ?

Besides any technical considerations, a SMILE compatible project is one that respects the SMILE association’s values and which follows some precise principles and criteria.

To assess the compatibility of your project with SMILE :  


  • It must be deployable (or pre-deployable) in the chosen region.
  • It is collaborative if possible.
  • It is already economically viable or will be over time (with a clear business model).
  • The project’s partners adhere to the SMILE values (promotion, dialogue, balanced deployment, respect for competitors…).
  • It will participate in achieving the SMILE objectives (deployment of Renewable energies, Electric vehicles, Demand response, interconnection of data platforms, securing...).
  • It falls within the framework defined in SMILE.
  • It requires that you share data and information on its progress (in particular through the PRIDE tool).
  • It participates in shared communication actions.
SMILE coordination

SMILE coordination

SMILE coordination is the best way for your project to integrate the SMILE environment. It is structured with 2 coordinators located in Rennes and Nantes, respectively reporting to the 2 Regional Development Agencies :


The coordinators are the connector and accelerator between you and the stakeholders who will help your project come to life within the community. They will especially act as a link with the partners and Expert panels.


Appointing your unique sponsor

A sponsor will be appointed to support you and your project. Their role is : 



  • To help you prepare your project outline document.

  • Accompany you as project owner and put you in contact with the leaders of the expert panels.
  • Keep the SMILE coordination informed throughout the process.

  • Present the project to the Board of Directors for approval after it has been supported by the Expert panels.

Recommendations from the Expert panels

Recommendations from the Expert panels

The role of the expert panels is to accompany each project owner, to provide advice and recommendations. They bring a dual perspective and expertise on all aspects of the project (technical, financial, social, etc.) to make it as powerful as possible and to optimise its deployment. 

  • Expert panel “Scientific and technical, led by the Pôle Images et Réseaux and S2E2.
  • Expert panel “Territories / populations”, led by ALOEN, ALEC and the Pays de la Loire Region.
  • Expert panel “Funders”, led by the Caisse des Dépôts.
  • Expert panel “Sector and exposure”, led by BDI and the Pays de la Loire Regional development agency.


Find out more about the Expert panels