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Our support package




Small, medium or large business, supporting a project which fits into the smart grid movement,there’s a place for you within SMILE, the large scale national project in which everyone has a role to play. 


By joining SMILE, you’ll be giving yourself a unique opportunity to meet quickly with the economical and technical partners who can help you develop your project, to accompany you with its technical design and the identification of the most appropriate territories for deployment.


You will also be joining a dynamic and multi faceted community which will provide considerable exposure and take your innovative projects to another level.

Ulrich Rousseau - CEO Wi6Labs

Receiving the SMILE label was an acknowledgement of our results

Ulrich RousseauCEO Wi6Labs

What does SMILE actually provide:

Project building Strong support for getting your project off the ground
  • By simplifying the process : one unique contact to support your project
    The Smile +: made to measure support
  • By facilitating partnerships : identification of the best technical partners and connection with other technological providers
    The Smile +: input from the Scientific and Technical Expert panel
  • By identifying a deployment site for testing the smart grids solution 
    The Smile +: input from the Territories and Populations Expert panel
  • By providing feedback from other smart grid projects
    The Smile + : providing a list of contacts to facilitate connections
  • By securing all aspects of the project
    The Smile + : technical & societal advice, advice on regulations, funding, legal…


FundingTangible help with funding
  • By providing information on the potential sources of public funding
    The Smile + :
    - Regional funding for up to €50K(incl. €25K  from ERDF) for projects with the SMILE label
    - Investments to come from the Regions’ assets and related to SMILE (AAP self consumption, EV charging stations, harbours, high schools...)
    - Input from the Funding Expert panel.
  • By pointing you towards private financial partners who wish to invest in innovative projects related to the energy transition
    The Smile + : input from the Funding Expert panel
VisibilityThe best possible exposure
  • By facilitating the sale of the project to new customers
    The Smile + : A SMILE information / communication process to promote our projects and partners (website, Press relations, international operations, hosting foreign delegations...)
  • By contributing to the development of the project beyond the scope of SMILE
    The Smile + : facilitate the presence of the company on trade fairs in France and abroad/ organisation of regional events (e.g.: European Utility Week; Smart Energy Expo)




As a local authority of the deployement zone of SMILE (departmants of Ile et Vilaine, Morbihan, Loire-Atlantique and Vendée, and also the island of Ouessant) SMILE gives you the opportunity to launch your community on the road to energy transition. 


By joining SMILE, you will contribute to a vast national project in direct contact with the new uses for the production, distribution and consumption of electricity. 

What does SMILE actually provide:

Awareness of elected representativesHelp with building the awareness of elected representatives and the owners of deployment locations, about the significance of smart grids
  • By providing key elements to explain energy stakes and smart grids for decision-makers, technicians and users
    The Smile + : mutualising and sharing tools (existing guides, explanatory films ...)
  • By mutualising the feedback between territories with similar energy profiles 
    The Smile + : identification of projects which can be compared on an economical, technical… level through the Expert panels of Smile
  • By helping to spark ideas for smart grid projects
    The Smile + : meetings to discuss smart grids and projects that could be deployed in the territory 
Help with the implementation Active contribution in the implementation of smart grid projects
  • By securing projects
    The Smile + : technical & societal advice, advice on regulations and laws, funding advice and method advice
  • By facilitating connections with providers of solutions
    The Smile + : easier access to professional events such as Smile2Business organised by the SMILE association, etc. 
FundingInformation on available sources of public funding
  • By optimising public funding
    The Smile + :
    - information on the potential sources of public funding
    - connecting with the funders 
Visibility Actions to increase the visibility of your project
  • By improving the image of the territory through the success of its smart grid projects
    The Smile + :provision of a SMILE promotion / information process to communicate on the territories’ know-how (website, Press relations, international operations, hosting delegations...)
  • By working under the SMILE name to highlight smart grid solutions approved under the SMILE label
    The Smile + : the possibility to exhibit in professional events

How SMILE accompanies you in your projects

L'accompagnement de SMILE dans vos projets