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Goals and Challenges

Through the range of projects deployed by SMILE, the Brittany and Pays de la Loire regions are pursuing precise and quantified qualitative objectives. There are multiple challenges involved, all working towards the same end goal: the deployment of smart grids to support our regions’ necessary transition to renewable energies. With ambitious objectives in terms of direct or indirect job creation for the region. 


The SMILE project aims to accelerate the transition to renewable energies and the development of networks, on an industrial scale, so as to achieve the targets set in the battle against climate change, and to increase regional energy solidarity, innovation and citizenship. Its objectives are as follows:

Integrate renewable energies massively

with at least the additional 336 MW en file d’attente à terre waiting on the ground/underground (S3RER), and in particular 1GW of marine power

and improve their integration in the energy markets and networks with improved predictability, flexibility and availability at peak times.

Control demands for electricity

 and the balance between consumption and production as tightly as possible, 

by developing solutions to improve flexibility and demand management, and more generally and sustainably, by deploying regional hubs for motivating and mobilising socially conscious consumers, and through energy efficiency renovation

 Develop links between hubs

 for exchanging and analysing the flow of energy data from widely diverse origins: there will be consultation among all stakeholders to determine the rules of use.

Secure the digital networks associated with electric networks through the value chain by implementing tools for testing and labelling cyber security and interoperability. 

Integrate electric vehicles

 in the panel of solutions for sustainable mobility

through a network of smarter and more flexible charging stations and using renewable production systems.

Validate the business models

and the viability of the technologies and services 

which will later be deployed widely, with cost-benefit analysis and sacaling.

Rise to the challenge of excellence through 5 major theme 


The SMILE project aims to be a showcase of national industrial excellence in smart grid technologies through a range of integrated and exportable solutions. For this purpose, 5 key themes have been identified and qualified, encompassing all of the projects supported by SMILE:

Improve the global energy performance of our regions
 Improve the global energy performance of our regions

Whether it’s for energy production methods (marine, solar, biomass energies, etc…), managing demand, handling data, or managing the different production capacities, the idea is to implement integrated and sustainable solutions which will contribute to the global improvement of energy performance in our regions.

Alert the general public to the necessity of embracing ethical habits and a new relationship with energy
Alert the general public to the necessity of embracing ethical habits and a new relationship with energy

For the energy transition to be a success, beyond the measures and projects that are implemented, the full and active support of all citizens is fundamental. This will involve not only education and information, but also giving stakeholders a sense of responsibility to encourage and motivate them (to use the resources available and to continue to improve them). It’s about organising collaborative intelligence around a hub for utilizing and monitoring energy data, supporting measures for facilitating demand response, and a collaborative platform for the stakeholders of thermal renovation. 

Encourage new energy uses through digital technology
Encourage new energy uses through digital technology

Production, storage, coupling of devices, sharing of resources, adaptive and smart lighting: by encouraging the acceptance of new uses through adapting infrastructures and mobilising new digital technologies, SMILE intends to play a major role in our future relationship with energy resources. This concerns not only individual or domestic use, but also industrial needs, while never compromising on questions of data security which are essential to “leur” success. 

Boost the development of electric mobility
Boost the development of electric mobility

The development and democratisation of electric vehicles are key to the energy transition. SMILE intends to contribute fully through: 


  • The deployment of a fleet of electric vehicles (cars, bicycles, scooters, buses…) through the implementation of actions to democratise the use of and access to electric mobility for local authorities, businesses and individuals;
  • he creation of a platform of advanced services in connection with the operators of charging station networks, transport and energy with the aim of increasing the drawing power and the accessibility of electric mobility; 
  • A solid network of interoperable public charging stations across the regions. 
Support large towns in their transformation to "smart cities"
Support large towns in their transformation to "smart cities"

By definition focusing on our big cities (Rennes and Nantes) which need to cater for specific concerns related to the increase in populations over the coming years, the idea is to “globalise” a Smart City approach through three major themes: 


  • Low energy districts and Smart Grids;
  • Open data management;
  • Sustainable mobility (multimodal offer, electric mobility and pooling of logistic resources).

Over time, the idea is to be a driving force in the transition of large towns towards a sustainable and ethical energy model.