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Le Nov 26 2020

SET UP Final event : sign up !


"Accelerating the smart grid transition in Europe: a blueprint for regional action"


SET-UP partners are pleased to invite you the project final conference to discuss the role of public policies in the deployment of smart grids at regional level. Join us on the 26th November to learn from concrete examples of public support and ambitious smart grid projects.



Programme :

(!) This event has two sessions. Be sure to remember to sign up for both.



High-level conference (10AM-12.30PM CET)


10h - 10h05 : Introductions and welcome – Sara Minisini, BDI

10h05 - 10h15 : Project presentation – Sara Minisini, BDI

10h15 - 10h25 : How can policies support smart grids? Lessons from SET-UP – Olly Frankland, Regen

10h25 - 11h50 : Regions in action: experience and resultt

  • 10h25 - 10h50 : Public support to business: when financing is not enough (Leicester – UK, Hungary) – Michael Richardson, Leicester City Council (UK) and Zoltán Baros, Ministry of Innovation and Technology (HU)
  • 10h50 - 11h15 : Public support to emerging models: testing new approaches at regional scale (Brittany – FR, Andalusia – ES) – Maximilien Le Menn, Regional Council of Brittany (FR) and Sara Robles, Andalusian Energy Agency (ES)

11h15 - 11h25 : Break

11h25 - 11h50 : Public support for the long term: building efficient strategies (Lithuania, Portugal) – Arturas Klementavicius, Kaunas Energy Agency (LT) Claudio Casimiro, Regional Energy and Environnement Agency (PT)

11h50 - 12h20 : What’s next at EU level?

  • 11h50 - 12h05 : State of play and outlook for interregional cooperation – Charo Camacho, Interreg Europe
  • 12h05 - 12h20 : Smart grids in the new programming period – European Commission, Joint Research Centre

12h20 - 12h30 : Conclusions – Alain Terpant, BDI



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Thematic sessions (2-3.30PM CET)

14h - 14h10 : Introductions and welcome – Olly Frankland, Regen
14h10 - 14h40 : Collective self-consumption – a smart and local energy solution

  • Current EU market uptake and role in smart grids – Olly Frankland, Regen
  • Case study from Brittany (FR) – Simon Ducasse, Atlansun and Guillaume Guézélou, Regional Council of Brittany

14h40 - 15h20 : Energy storage - an enabler for smart grids

  • Current EU market uptake and role in smart grids – Olly Frankland, Regen
  • Case studies from Andalusia (ES) and Algarve (PT) – Joaquin Villar, Andalusian Energy Agency and Hugo Rodrigues, Regional Energy and Environnement Agency

15h20 - 15h30 : Conclusions



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Sara Minisini :