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September, 02 2019

Smart grids: the electric grids of the future - 15 nov 2019

Smart grids: the electric grids of the future - 15 nov 2019

About: A guided tour to discover the projects related to smart grids and electric mobility deployed in Brittany as part of SMILE, a showcase for the French expertise of smart grids

Location: Rennes, Brittany

Electricity networks are evolving and modernizing: integration of new smart grids technologies allowing monitoring and assets management, new uses such as electromobility, implementation of territorial optimization projects… This site visits program will present you the projects deployed as part of SMILE, a major initiative in France and a showcase for the French expertise of smart grids.

You will visit the “power grid control tower”, where the medium-voltage grid and associated source substations are monitored in real-time, 24 hours a day, and where electrical “incidents” are managed. The Drop’n Plug smart charging station will showcase the new uses of electric mobility and its interactions with the grid. Last but not least, Rennes Grid is a global territorial energy transition project combining the development of renewable energies, collective self-consumption and demand management solutions.



15th of November

Participants are taken charge of for the whole day - lunch and transport included.

  • 8h10: Departure from Paris, Montparnasse station
  • Delegation assembly point, in Rennes TGV station
  • Drop’n Plug smart charging station visit
  • Reception at SMILE showroom
  • Lunch on site
  • Departure to “Enedis’ Power grid control tower“
  • Visit of Rennes Grid
  • Return to Rennes station
  • 16h52: return to Paris. Arrival at 18h47


  • Smart electric grids
  • electric mobility
  • smart charging
  • V2G,
  • flexibility
  • smart neighborhood
  • collective self-consumption
  • energy demand management
  • business model


  1. Smile showroom: a global vision of the Smile project, gathering more than 200 partners, and the 50 or so approved projects
  2. Visit of Enedis’ Power grid control tower
  3. Drop’n Plug intelligent charging station, project led by Drop Bird, in partnership with SICAME, Eiffia, Seifel, IETR, Wi6labs, La Poste, Honda, Rennes Métropole, Nantes Métropole, Saint-Malo Agglomeration,
  4. Rennes Grid, a global territorial energy transition project led by Schneider Electric in partnership with Enedis, Enercoop, Caisse des Dépôts et Consignations, Rennes Métropole, CNRS, Langa and the City of Bruz


SMILE association, Bretagne Développement Innovation and Solutions&Co, in partnership with multiple projects stakeholders.



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