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Foirail de Chateaubriand

Project sponsors



Domaines d'application

  • Management of Renewable Energy
  • Flexibility, active control
  • Storage
Flexibilité & réseaux

SMILE's involvement in this project

Active contribution in the implementation of smart grid projects

The Forail de Châteaubriand is an innovative project supported by Armorgreen, specialist in renewable energies and energy conversion, and by the start-up Kemwatt. It involves pairing up a solar power station with a containerised Redox flow battery designed by Kemwatt. This original association optimises the productivity of the power station’s operating system. The project is currently situated on a building belonging to the Chateaubriand local council community.  



Added value of the project :



  • Optimisation of productivity
  • Implementation of a full-scale prototype battery
  • Replicable business model for constrained sites or ineffective networks in France and abroad
  • Innovative project

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