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Renewable energies


Systèmes énergétiques insulaires

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The OpteSIP project is a global energy optimisation project for the industrial buildings of the conglomeration of Lorient (representing 80% of its energy consumption) combining energy efficiency actions and the production of renewable energy.


The following actions were carried out:


    Work to improve the energy efficiency of the industrial processes in drinking water production centres: Optimisation of the pumping stations of the Coët Er Ver factory in Hennebont, by changing the pumps, installing variable-frequency drives and a radio communication system for optimised control.


    Wastewater treatment centres: Optimisation of the water treatment plant (STEP) in Guidel as part of its extension works. The screw compressors reduce energy consumption by 20%. Regulating them saves an additional 10%.


    Recovery and waste management centres including the organic processing unit and the Ecotri (recycling) centre, and the installation of the Kermat non-hazardous waste storage centre: installation of sensors, LEDs, implementation of energy recovery to heat the sorter cabins.


    Installation of photovoltaic plants in individual self-consumption: production of renewable energy on 5 sites (3 water treatment plants, a household waste processing unit, a non-hazardous waste storage centre) with a self-consumption installation representing a total power of 512 kWc for an annual production of 570 MWh (+ 7 other sites being considered).


    Biogas waste treatment unit on the non-hazardous waste storage centre in Kermat:  transformation of biogas into biomethane with injection of 7 GWh / year of biomethane.





Added value of the project:


A project combining the production of renewable energy (PV, biogas), water treatment, or the recovery of waste on a public industrial building, in keeping with the actions carried out by the town of Lorient.


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