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Green Station

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Green mobility


Mobilité durable

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The Green Station project uses solar energy to supply EV charging stations, enabling businesses to mutualise the cost of accessing this type of service.


The Green Station is composed of a solar canopy (with no investment from the customer) and a revolutionary charging station concept centralising intelligence and multiplying charging points across tertiary, industrial and recreation sites.


The cost of transitioning to electromobility is made possible through the mutualisation of many installation costs and the design of optimised charging stations, in particular through a subscription sales model.


The Green Station enables the development of micro-networks (building complex, various sites for one business, industrial or tertiary zone, or territory) to connect charging infrastructures to each other.


Project objectives:


  • Techniques: Solve the technical problems linked to connecting EV charging stations in new or existing building complexes. Integration of the notion of Smart Charging (possibility to regulate the charging power delivered depending on the number of vehicles connected. Lean progressively towards V2B (Vehicle To Building).


  • Energy related: Increase the proportion of solar energy in the French energy mix and enable the territories to achieve the targets in the PCAET (regional energy and climate plan). Ambition to connect at least 3 to 10 MWc per year.


  • Network management: Support the rise in Electric Vehicles and intermittent renewable energies with one dual injection/withdrawal connection.


  • Environmental: Reduce CO2 by facilitating the transition towards electric vehicles and manage the use of electricity by vehicles through solar production


  • User involvement: Collaborative projects within companies, meeting with employee committees. Work satisfaction with a Green Station just outside the office.


  • Economic: See You Sun creates investment vectors for solar and electric mobility projects by co-investing with private owners or public owners (local authorities, mixed economy organisations).


  • Industrial: 5-year exclusive and reciprocal partnership with the Spie Group, enabling us to design the electrical engineering of the projects with their teams.


  •  Commercial: Constant contact with building operators and landowners (proposal for an energy management system with new uses)


Added value of the project:

    Reduce the costs of accessing electric mobility.

    Produce energy everywhere in France in areas that are already artificialized.


Many different sites:

40 sites deploying in 2019


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