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[EN] L’île de Sein

Project sponsors


Ile de Sein

Launch date

Fields of application

  • Production of Renewable Energy
  • Energy demand management actions
  • Innovative control of energy
  • Energy storage
Production renouvelable

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As part of the energy transition, L’île de Sein is committed to providing a solution for renewable production. The aim is to achieve 50% of Renewable Energy by 2023 and around 100% by 2030. 


The project has several objectives : 


  • Technical : Production of power through solar panels and a wind turbine, energy storage and management of the island’s power system
  • Energy related : Production of renewable energy, Energy Demand Management actions (behaviour, monitoring and reduction of consumption), “smart” management of the island’s energy, securing the power supply
  • Economic : Energy self-sufficiency / independence from fossil fuels
  • Industrial : Micro grid, multi stakeholder solution



Added value of the project : 


  • Raising awareness among residents of Energy Demand Management actions
  • Monitoring both individual (Enedis or Supplier dedicated customer space) and collective (open data site or specific methods) power consumption
  • Associated stakeholders : Ponant islands local authorities and organisations
  • Consulting and public meetings planned at each stage of the deployment

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