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3 Rue du Maréchal Juin, 85000 LA ROCHE-SUR-YON

Domaines d'application

Management of energy flow

Local specifics (electric consumption)

Flexibilité & réseaux

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The ATLAS project develops dispersed flexibilities and promotes them locally.


It involves the identification of flexible sources, integrating them through digital tools, developing and using them in the electricity system.


A resource (energy consumption and production) aggregation platform was developed to collect information on energy consumption and production through a range of sensors situated on sites identified by the project consortium.


Added value of the project : 


  • Improved management of dispersed energy consumption and production and the associated power surges. 

  • Creation of consistency between energy networks and the search for local energy optimisation.  

  • Validation of conditions for sustainable, economical, and safe use of the platform. 

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