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Hôtel des Postes in Nantes

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4 rue de Président HERRIOT, 44000 NANTES

Domaines d'application

Smart building

Autoconsommation & bâtiments intelligents

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Situated in the centre of the city of Nantes, the Hôtel des Postes will become the first building of the sort operating in semi self-sufficiency for electric energy.


Through the implementation of a system combining solar power self-sufficiency, energy management, electric vehicle charging, electricity flexibility and control of technical equipment, this 35,000 m2 building will produce and consume 13% of its electricity requirements.


Added value of the project:


  • Project transferable to other existing La Poste Group buildings and to other groups in urban areas.
  • Energy self-sufficiency for the La Poste group.
  • Awareness actions within the internal “Village La Poste” project.


Start date: September 2017.

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