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Project sponsor


Commune de Chevaigné, Lycée de Maupertuis

Domaines d'application

- Smart building

- Control of the energy demand

Flexibilité & réseaux

Non-invasive instruments for buildings and deployment of a communication LoRa WAN network will collect data (energy consumption, temperature, relative humidity, occupancy/visitor rate, etc.) and transmit them to the Energy Suite platform.

After analysis using algorithms based on artificial intelligence, the platform can send out alerts to operators, decision-makers and building occupants in real time along with recommendations of the appropriate actions to take.

The implementation of this solution should lower the annual energy bill by 20% for public or private office buildings.


Technical, energy-related, environmental, industrial and commercial goals for the project :


  • Calculation of the potential energy savings if the building’s energy settings are adjusted according to instructions
  • Validation of large-scale deployment for the LoRa WAN sensors
  • Validation of data-processing models and the usefulness of forecasts, recommendations and alerts
  • Involvement of building managers, decision-makers and building occupants, validation of user support via coaching services and validation of the acceptability of the platform through user surveys
  • Validation of the site analysis, deployment and acceptance processes. Rapid and non-invasive deployment (sans interruption of building’s operation)
  • Validation of business and replicability models


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