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Commune de Plouguin

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Renewable energy


Flexibilité & réseaux

The “Ploug-In Stockage” project aims to create a hybrid power plant by adding a battery storage solution on the Plouguin wind turbine site. This site has been in operation since 2006 and becomes free from the ‘obligation to purchase’ in 2021.


The aim is to demonstrate the technical feasibility for a hybrid plant (wind + storage) to participate in supplying primary resources. Combining wind power with battery should also enable an increase in the site’s installed power, without changing the existing connections.


The aim of the project is to provide an innovative response to specifically identified local problems.


It will focus on two main efforts:


    Demonstrate that adding a battery enables the site to provide new services and also increases the iso-connected installed capacity.

    Encourage an increase in the insertion of renewable energies locally, on the Brittany electricity network, thanks to a combination of battery and wind turbines.


Added value of the project:


This project is testing a new model for integration of renewable energies into the networks and markets.


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