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La Glacière

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Bâtiment La Glacière à ETEL (56)

Domaines d'application

Smart building


Autoconsommation & bâtiments intelligents

This historic building will be entirely made over to become a smart building and a demonstrator. The goals are to implement demand-side management, install a floating tidal turbine as well as a marine thermal energy power station and flexible solar panels. This equipment will provide power for collective self-consumption for a multitude of activities (breeding tank, fish shop, offices, etc.) and public lighting, in addition to a series of charging stations (for bikes, vehicles, ferry-boats).


Etel’s municipal building La Glacière is part of the town’s heritage. To preserve this building of historical interest, the town decided to convert it into an innovative, “third place” public facility. Moreover, the Stephane Bern mission (to conserve cultural heritage) selected La Glacière as one of the 18 high-priority national heritage restoration projects, making it an attraction for visitors from outside the local region.


Crédit photo : Fondation du Patrimoine - Etel

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