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Molène H² storage

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Smart islands

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Hydrogen storage

Integration of renewable energies


Systèmes énergétiques insulaires

The island of Molène is a Non-Interconnected Zone (NIZ): its electricity network is not connected to the continent. All electricity must be self-produced and for the system to work, a balance between production and consumption must be maintained constantly. Until now, all the electricity was produced by a thermal power station.


As for other NIZs, the energy transition objectives set by the multiannual energy plan are extremely ambitious, targeting an electricity production mix of 70% renewable energy by 2028. Achieving this objective will involve:

  1. Implementation of energy efficiency measures,
  2. Deployment of renewable energy production installations (a photovoltaic power station of several hundred kW is planned for the island’s impluvium),
  3. Installation of storage and control systems for integrating this intermittent renewable energy production (on a daily level with a day/night balance and on a seasonal level as most of the PV energy is produced in the summer while consumption is higher during the winter months).

The Molène H2 project aims to implement, concurrently with a Lithium-ion battery storage solution deployed by the network operator (more specifically used for day-night production deferment), a hydrogen storage system which will be used for long-term or inter-seasonal storage. This type of storage will include:

- an electrolyser which will produce H2 from water

- a storage system for this H2

- a fuel cell which will produce electricity and water from the stored H2 and O2.


The scope of the project to date (this may change depending on several factors, in particular the evolution of renewable energy installations):

- A 300 kW electrolyser

- Hydrogen storage for around 200 kg

- A 300 kW fuel cell



Project objectives:


  • Techniques : Deployment of a pilot project for long term energy storage supported by hydrogen


  • Energy related: Integration of renewable energy in the Molène electricity network


  • Environmental: Reduction of fossil fuel consumption and de facto of greenhouse gasses


  • User involvement: Communication will be organised by the Molène town council, the AIP, the Finistere Departmental energy syndicate (SDEF) and EDF SEI, to inform the population and tourists of the benefits of this network supported by hydrogen storage and more globally about the energy transition


  • Economic: Maintenance of the electrolyser and the fuel cell. At this point, the maintenance resources have not yet been identified


  • Commercial: This long-term storage solution will be assessed by EDF SEI to gauge its suitability for microgrids



Added value of the project:


Project for mass storage of renewable electricity with the integration of around 70% renewable energy by 2028.




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