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Domaines d'application

-    Mass production of renewable energy
-    Meet targets of the local climate-air-energy plan (PCAET)
-    Development of the local economy

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Parcel-ER aims to draw up a common solar map, i.e. a map of the solar resources in a given area, to facilitate the assessment of its solar potential. A solar map provides practical information for determining the technical feasibility of solar power production.

To control the costs of acquiring this map and to generalise the key success factors, the idea is to rationalise the methods and the materials developed by ENAMO and the French National Metrology and Testing Laboratory. Solar power is becoming a strategic tool for local governments: the standardisation of this tool across the SMILE regions will help them broaden their potential for the mass application of solar power solutions and foster a group for local authorities to share experiences, stimulate the dissemination of good practices and participate in the massive deployment of solar power generators.


Added value of the project :


  • Technical: Deployment of more than 7000 km² of solar maps (equivalent to the surface of a département)
  • Energy: Participation in the development of 500 MW de solar photovoltaic and thermal power from now to 2020
  • Environmental: Use of the solar maps to promote renewable energy technologies with low climate impact, in addition to encouraging energy-efficient building improvements and raising awareness on energy conservation
  • Involvement of users: the goal is to transfer the tools and the methods to the local population and authorities to spread the key success factors.
  • Economic: Increase in the conversion rate of solar power projects and provide levers for economic development for local governments
  • Industrial: Mass deployment of a digital and physical mapping tool in service to energy transition.

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