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Domaines d'application

  • Integration of high power Renewable Energy / Marine Energy into the networks
  • Optimisation of production assets 
  • Optimisation of demand levels for energy intensive consumers


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Winner of the worldwide innovation competition, the STOLECT2 project aims to achieve an overall demonstration of a mass electricity storage process, through thermal conversion with a pilot from 1MW to 5MWh.


The process is based on a thermodynamic cycle which accumulates electric power as sensitive heat in resistant materials heated to very high temperatures, then restores the power when there is a need for electricity production.


The implementation of the process is based on the use of turbo-machines at a high temperature. The storage method has numerous competitive advantages (high capacity, low cost of returned energy, 70% yield, respect for the environment) compared to the high scale storage methods used currently (STEP, CAES). These advantages make this a particularly well adapted process for mass storage of renewable energies which represent high economic stakes for France and Europe.



Added value of the project :  


  • Creation of an industrial procedure for storing power
  • No particular constraints relating to its geographical installation due to the low environmental impact
  • Excellent acceptability by the general public as there are no dangerous products, pressure is low, the process is highly compact and there is an excellent capacity for integration in the landscape

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