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Project sponsors


High Schools Sévigné (Cesson-Sévigné,35) and Anita Conti (Bruz, 35)

Launch date


Domaines d'application

  • Deployment of sensors/actuators in hub mode
  • Collection and hosting of data
  • Deployment of demand response services, predictive analysis and management
  • Interoperability of data
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The aim of the BeFlexi project is to reduce the energy bills (water, gas, electricity) of school building, public/private administration buildings and industry offices by 30%.
To achieve this goal, focus has been put on structuring and strengthening the value chain (from the sensor to the user) of all of the stakeholders in the energy performance process, so as to build a global and high performing technological offer paired with a profitable and sustainable business model.

The project includes the planning of energy management in its buildings (the aim: only use power when necessary), aim for general improvement of the maintenance process and takes account of all user profiles.


The aim by 2022-23: 50,000 sensors and actuators produced in Brittany equipping 1000 buildings across the SMILE territory (250 per county). A test phase will be carried out in schools starting 2018.



Added value of the project :


  • A project encouraging the involvement of users in the energy transition
  • A catalyst project for changing behaviour (acquiring good habits)

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