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1 rue Jacques Cartier, 44300 NANTES

Domaines d'application

Smart building

Thermal smart grid

Management of Renewable Energies

Flexibility, active control    

Social acceptance

Autoconsommation & bâtiments intelligents
Maîtrise de la demande en énergie

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As part of the thermal renovation of a building with 24 social dwellings, installation of a bioclimatic greenhouse on the existing roof.


The idea is to test the thermal exchange between the building and the greenhouse. The greenhouse will capture heat to be used to heat domestic hot water, while the building will heat the greenhouse in the winter.  


A digital forecasting tool will determine the balance between the production of kW, the temperature and the humidity of the greenhouse depending on weather conditions. This new roof space could also host the horticultural or agricultural activities organized by local stakeholders and residents of Nantes Métropole Habitat. 



Schéma Symbiose


Added value of the project: 


  • Project transposable to other buildings. 
  • Participate in promoting urban agriculture and short food supply chains. 
  • Production of renewable energies and enhancing existing buildings. 
  • Creation of a forecasting tool to improve the management of energy production and consumption. 



Start date : January 2019.


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