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Brest Smart Mobilities

Project sponsor


Brest Métropole urban transport network

Launch date


Domaines d'application

  • Mobilise local stakeholders
  • Develop a project co-construction method with residents and partners
  • Deploy the project on a larger scale
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Brest Smart Mobilities is a project that aims to implement a smart grid on the scale of a public transport network combining different electric methods (tramway, bus and cable car). The aim of the project is to apply different technical solutions: optimisation of connections and network call, energy retrieval, storage, supervision methods.


Several objectives :


  • Technical : Determine the most suitable technology for the fleet of electric buses, build interoperable load infrastructures and both passive (surveillance) and active monitoring (control) on the scale of a transport network, interface smart grid monitoring with the transport network’s operating system
  • Energy related : Eliminate peaks in demand on the electricity network, optimise the management of energy according to the requirements of vehicles or lines
  • Environmental : Implement mobility that does not produce green-house gasses
  • Economic : Limit costs by facilitating the interoperability of systems and by implementing non-owner solutions
  • Industrial : Develop and test with industry stakeholders, interoperable load and monitoring technologies on the scale of a transport network

Added value of the project :


  • drovide local stakeholders with the possibility to get involved in an innovative project
  • replicate the solutions tested on other territories 
  • provide a second life for embedded batteries


Launch date :


  • 2019: study
  • 2020: deployment of equipment, adjustments, fine tuning
  • 2020-2021: roll out of the test phase
  • 2021: trial results

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