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Médiathèque de Locminé

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Smart buildings

Autoconsommation & bâtiments intelligents

CI-Pango is a self-consumption system set up for the public multimedia library in Locminé. It involves installing a photovoltaic production unit coupled with an energy storage system as well an energy management system (EMS). The whole system is connected to the grid and the electricity market.


This is an innovative solution for heating the glass-panelled 1000 m² building.




The project has several goals :


The first is the reduce the service voltage by 30% through the sequential operation of radiators, the anticipation of heating days and automatic lighting shut-off according to building occupation.

The second is to reduce the annual demand on the public grid by roughly 50%, with automated management of the main electricity uses of the building, such as adjusting the operation of hot-water heater and mechanical ventilation to the occupancy of the building (times and days).


The third is to reach a building self-consumption rate of 80% based on the installation of solar panels, with direct consumption or battery storage for excess. Ultimately, these solar panels will reduce the energy bill by 50%. The batteries can store enough energy to heat the building for 5 h at full power and recharge automatically.


The innovation lies in the system that is set up to determine in real time the cheapest energy source, without compromising the comfort of visitors and staff.

Finally, the innovative approach use of a public Global Performance Market to go beyond design and implementation and apply penalties if the operational performance targets are not met.

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