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The Bois Cesbron Shared Energy zone

Project sponsor


Bois Cesbron, 44700 ORVAULT

Domaines d'application

Energy self-sufficiency 

Photovoltaic awnings 

Autoconsommation & bâtiments intelligents
Mobilité durable

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The Bois Cesbron business park is promoting a collaborative self-sufficiency solar power project.


This shared energy area includes tertiary and technical buildings, a concert hall, a traveller site, photovoltaic awnings, recharging infrastructure, and electric vehicle fleets. The project aims to determine the replicable legal, economic, and regulatory framework of such a development. 



Added value of the project:


  • A financial masterplan representative of energy flows 
  • A project combining individual and collaborative self-consumption 
  • Possibility for each producer-consumer to provide fair rates for the sale of their surplus energy to consumers in the collaborative project
  • Creation of communication tools to explain self-consumption and boost the skills of local stakeholders
  • Replicable model


Start date: July 2017.


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