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65 Rue de la Perverie, 44300 NANTES

Domaines d'application

Electric mobility 

• Encouraging electric mobility 

Mobilité durable

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The Mobilichain project is in its test phase and aims to identify the possible uses of the blockchain in green mobility.


Initially, EDF will focus on electric vehicles and on two specific use cases: 


1. calculation and reimbursement of professional costs when an employee recharges their professional vehicle at home,  

2. the cost of recharging a personal vehicle at a station provided by the company. 


Late 2020, Mobilichain will investigate a 3rd use case: calculation of recharging costs for shared units in co-ownership properties. 



Added value of the project :  a solution to facilitate and secure the management of professional costs for recharging electric vehicles. 


Start date : December 2019..






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