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  • Optimization of energy management in industry
  • Energy competitiveness
  • Factory of tomorrow
Systèmes énergétiques insulaires

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Driven by the slogan “From industrial data to reduced energy consumption”, the ALT-EN-TIC aims to provide a complete chain of services and expertise for manufacturers wishing to either create a chain of complete values (cross referencing data and energy), or to complete an existing project by adding a specific technological element (capturing data, cloud, storage, AI, etc.)


An ambitious project made up of a consortium of companies, ALT-EN-TIC’s aim is to rise to the operational technical challenges (standardisation, merging, interoperability) and use/sale (creation of an Economic Interest Group, big and small stakeholders, technologies and services…) relating to the French energy performance industry over the coming years.


An important element of ATL-EN-TIC’s added value is its capacity to provide a global and reliable technological solution together with a profitable and sustainable business model based on 4 different expertise working towards the same end goal: making energy data work towards saving money. 


  • Implementation of sensors and reflexes, cyber secure solutions, big data software for real time and predictive analysis.
  • Real time solutions for data storage and eradication, production and energy value-creation.
  • Offer an externalised “Energy Manager” solution to small companies and industries.
  • Information and training solution to support industrialists in their change management.


The project’s added value / the problem :


  • A mobilising project: from the smart sensor, the internet of things (wireless data transmission), the cloud, storage, sustainable energies, computer security, and artificial intelligence. 
  • The capacity to link to an existing project whatever its maturity level. 
  • Mobilisation of partners from all horizons (national companies or start-ups) in a consortium with a high added value in terms of innovation.
  • The aim: reduce the environmental impact of industries through the reduction of CO2 emissions (thanks to reduced energy consumption)

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