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7 Rue Louis Blériot, 44700 Orvault.

Domaines d'application

Electric mobility 

Electricity distribution network 

Mobilité durable

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The SCOP TITI FLORIS is testing a Smart charging solution with four vehicle-to-grid (V2G) stations for their EV fleet. 


Thanks to its bidirectional charge, the V2G battery becomes an extension of the electricity network, capable of storing energy and reinjecting it to power the Titi Floris building. Once it is parked and connected to this V2G station, the electric vehicle can store and redistribute, or even produce energy on demand, while anticipating its own energy storage depending on the required use. 


The V2G technology enables the energy control of the vehicle’s charging and discharging to reduce costs, optimise self-consumption and provide services to the electricity system



Added value of the project:

  • Testing V2G technology on a private fleet. 
  • A mobile app to monitor the progress of “fully electric” in real time and plan movement. 
  • Develop new business models. 


Start date : October 2019.

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