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Chêne Morand

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Smart communities
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Help with building the awareness of elected representatives and the owners of deployment locations, about the significance of smart grids

The Urban Development Zone (ZAC) Chêne Morand is a metropolitain business park of 15 ha of transferable property, located in Cesson Sévigné and operated by Territoires Publics on behalf of the Rennes Métropole intercommunal government.

The ENERG’iV-Armorgreen partner will advise the land buyers to help them meet the ZAC specifications.

- The buyer is required to integrate in the construction works photovoltaic solar panels covering at least 70% of the rooftop surface of the constructed building.
- Rooftop solar panels should be given priority. Solar panels can also be installed as part of solar parking canopies.
- The buyer is permitted to install the specified solar systems in separate phases of 100 kWp each, the legal threshold for feed-in tariffs.
- The first phase must be installed by the time the constructed building is delivered.
- The buyer has 3 years to install the entire system of the specified solar panels to cover 70% of the roof surface.



Photo : Jérémias Gonzalez



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