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Energy Suite

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Smart building

Energy demand management

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Project description


Non-intrusive instrumentation of buildings and the deployment of a LoRaWAN communication network to gather data (energy consumption, temperature, humidity, frequentation…) and retrieve it in the Energy Suite platform.


After analysis by AI based algorithms, the platform provides producers, decision makers and building occupants with real time alerts and recommendations for suitable actions.


The implementation of this solution would result in savings of 20% per year on the energy bills of public and private tertiary buildings.


Project objectives:


  • Techniques: Validate wide-scale deployment of LoRaWAN sensors


  • Energy related: Calculate the potential for energy savings if the building was adjusted to recommended uses


  • Environmental: validate the models for data processing and the quality of forecasts, recommendations and alerts


  • User involvement: Involve building operators, decision-makers and users and validate support through a coaching service, and confirm the acceptability of the platform through user surveys


  • Industrial: Validate the process for site analysis, deployment and acceptance. Quick and non-intrusive deployment (no interruption to use of the building)


  • Commercial: Validate profitability and replicability models


Added value of the project:


A non-intrusive and easily deployable solution to enable the owners and users of public and private tertiary buildings to understand and control their consumption.



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